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Gewürzmischung "Randale"

Fiery salami and much more for chili lovers

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Widmann's Original - hearty spice mix Randale Stands for the desire for a fruity taste and for ...
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Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel - 100% natural chili salt with habanero Since the Fleur de Sel is 100% natural, i...
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Chili Box

Widmann's Original Chili Box  2 "Savanna" Mango-Habanero-Saucen  1 "Randale" Gewürzmischung mit Chili  1 Fleur de Sel mit Habanero  2 Packungen "Habanero Salami Rindersticks" ( 400g )  1 Packung "Habanero Salami Classic (Schwein)" ( 200g )  

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