Chili Box

Chili Box
Chili Box
Chili Box
Widmann's Original Chili Box Packung. Die Chili Box ist speziell für Liebhaber scharfer Speisen konzipiert. Ob als Geburtstagsgeschenk oder einfach als Present für deine Lieben, Chili Box könnte immer ein scharfes Vergnügen sein!
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Widmann's Original Chili Box

1 "Savanna" Mango-Habanero-Sauce

1 "Randale" Spice Mix with Chilli

1 Fleur de Sel with Habanero

2 Packs "Habanero Beef Salami" ( 400g )

1 Pack "Habanero Classic Salami (Pork)" ( 200g )

1 Spiciest salami in the world ( 30g )

The Chili Box is specially designed for lovers of spicy food. The package contains our entire product range, so you can enjoy all the products at once (salami, sauce, salt, spice mix)!

Whether as a birthday gift or simply as a present for your loved ones, Chili Box could always be a spicy treat!


Children, pregnant women and people with corresponding allergies should refrain from consuming it.

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